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Cochon 555 Bespoke Dinner

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7:00 PM on Saturday, March 11th at Otium

$125 per guest
Price of dinner includes a multi-course collaboration dinner with Chef Timothy Hollingsworth, Chef Walter Manzke, and Chef Travis Strickland, as well as a beverage pairings.

*No corkage will be accepted for this event*
*No substitutions*

*BESPOKE: A limited seating supper of 40 people will be seated on Otium’s dining patio. Each table will have one of the speakers and they will each narrate the evening and lead the conversation at their table.
The theme is “culinary modernity,” for this is a narrative of the Cochon555 tour, cause, and community in the coming years. Chefs are welcome to add a supporting theme such as an individual food culture, related history, or other types of journey.

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