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LAFW Kick Off Dinner: Chef Collaboration with Travis Swikard!

Join us in kicking off Los Angeles Food & Wine on Thursday, August 22nd, with a special collaboration dinner at Otium! Chef Timothy Hollingsworth will be partnering up with Daniel Boloud’s former culinary director Chef Travis Swikard! 
Join us for a multi-course seasonal family style chef’s tasting menu for $100 per guest
Salmon, Cucumber, Dill, Yogurt
Sumac Tomato Salad
Stuffed Anaheim Pepper, Sojoukh, Feta, Herbed Tahini
Arroz Tinto, Burnt Shishito Aioli, Crispy Rice, Grilled Abalone Mushroom
Smoked Scallops, Brentwood Corn, Chanterelles
Herb Roasted Lamb
Freekah Mujadara, Lentil, Caramelized Onion
Mint Meringue, Roasted Pineapple, Kiwi, Whipped Labne, Passion Fruit Jam, Pineapple Sherbet
**Menu is subject to change with availability and seasonality. Substitutions and corkage are politely declined for the evening. Price of the dinner is not inclusive of beverage, tax, or gratuity.**

From the LAFW on the Collaboration Dinner

If you are that one and only person who loves food and food related shows that somehow missed ‘Final Table’ on Netflix, please cue it up right now and binge watch it. The world-wide cast of Chef talents was nothing short of history-making. The challenges that they were faced with – cooking waaaay outside their usual genres -having to think not only outside the box, but beyond the limits of every known culinary norm all while being judged by the masters of the culinary universe, were not for the faint of heart. Through it all – LA’s Timothy Hollingsworth who performs nightly at Otium in DTLA rose above the competition to be the last chef standing at the Final Table. Well done, chef!

Faced with the dilemma of finding a chef ready, willing and able to crawl into the culinary ring with Chef Hollingsworth we turned to a relatively new California newcomer by the name of Chef Travis Swikard. Don’t worry…he has the guns to play with the best. Chef Swikard has spent the last dozen years on the right-hand hip of his mentor, none other than the man himself, Daniel Boulud of NYC. Hand picked to become Chef Boulud’s Executive Sous Chef and finally becoming his Executive Chef in 2013 and then finally realizing his dream of becoming Chef Boulud’s Culinary Director in 2016 has eventually led him back to his native California to open his very own restaurant in San Diego in 2020.

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