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Otium Presents: The Killer Clown Carnival- Sold Out!!

From the team that brought you the American Psycho dinners, we are excited to host this year’s Killer Clown Carnival. Join us for an immersive experience- from carnival canapés, a chefs tasting menu, and a sweet spread of takeaways, to twists and turns throughout the evening. Our host for the night, Hungry the Killer Clown will guide you through a night of bites and frights.

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Sold Out!!!!

Available for Three Nights Only: Friday October 28th, Saturday October 29th, and Sunday October 30th

6:30 PM

To the most adventurous carnival-goers…
I would be delighted to have you join me for a fun-tastic night of food, drink and surprises. There is no better way to cap off an evening of carnival fun than to join me, Hungry the Clown, on a culinary journey of the bizarre and delectable. Allow my team to cater to your every whim and desire- and some of my own- as we dive deeper into the soul and body of all things savory and sweet. If you have the appetite, I have the hunger to devour. Let’s go on this joyous journey together, friends. 
Excitedly yours, 
Hungry the Killer Clown 
Step right up to Otium’s Killer Clown Carnival. 
Join us for an evening celebrating Halloween’s creepiest clowns featuring reimagined carnival classics and creepy bites. Your evening will begin on our transformed garden patio for carnival inspired canapes and cocktails, then followed by a Chef’s Tasting Menu in our Hope Street Dining Room, with surprises along the way. 
Prepare yourself for an immersive evening of twists and turns as you enter Hungry the Killer Clown’s Dinner Party. 
Special event tickets are non-refundable and for guests 21+ only. There will be no substitutions or modifications on the menu for the evening and corkage is politely declined- specialty cocktails and our full beer & wine list will be available. Price of the ticket is not inclusive of beverage, tax, gratuity and ticketing charge. 
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