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Sugar High!!! Tea Party Edition Featuring Guest Chef Andrea Dopico


 Otium Presents (our second annual) Sugar High!! Tea Party Edition
The afternoon tea party will be held on Otium’s garden mezzanine and will feature award winning, Michelin starred pastry chef Andrea Dopico, who not only is an author and was on Cosmo’s Women to Watch list but is also a TV Host and ranked on Forbes 30 Under 30.   Coming together with Otium’s Pastry Chef Allison Osorio, the two will collaborate to create a special, sugar-filled afternoon of a 5-course dessert tasting menu complete with exclusive tea pairings provided by Art of Tea  
Cucumber Granite
Mango, Guajillo Chile, Watermelon, Lime
Tea Pairing: Las Senoritas
Tea Type: White     Origin: Fujian, China      Notes:  Coconut, Lemon Grass, 
Sable Breton
Strawberry, Tomatillo, Mascarpone, Hibiscus  
Tea Pairing: Happy
Tea Type: Guayusa-Green  Origin: Ecuador    Notes: Raspberry, Hibiscus, Jasmine
Creme Fraiche Namelaka 
Black Sesame. Peach. Lemon Verbena
Tea Pairing: 12PM
Tea Type: Oolong     Origin: Nanping, China      Notes: Peach, Honey, Oak

Banana Ice Cream

Almond. Tonka Bean. Passion Fruit. Toffee
Tea Pairing: Mandarin Silk
Tea Type: Oolong      Origin: Taiwan     Notes:  Vanilla, Lemon, Marigold
Dark Chocolate Torte
Summer Corn. Honeycomb. Plum
Tea Pairing: Aztec Spice
Tea Type: Pu’reh        Origin: Yunnan, China              Notes:  Chile, Cinnamon, Chocolate
 Art of Tea has been around since 2004, with their tea facility in Los Angeles, CA. They hand blend and custom craft the world’s finest organic teas and botanicals. Their teas are carefully selected directly from growers, each one offering a unique story. 
**Corkage and menu substitutions are politely declined for the evening. Menu is subject to change with availability. Tickets are non-refundable, and price does not include tax or gratuity.** 
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