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The Anatomy of a Dish: Mom’s Banana Grand Macaron

Mom's Banana Grand Mac

Our Pastry Chef Allison Osorio worked with Chef Timothy to develop a dessert inspired by their mothers.

Below is Chef Allison’s story-

We didn’t have tons of money growing up. My mother was a single mom, who like any mom, tried to give us the best she could. One of those awesome gifts was taking us to Marie Calendar’s on special occasions. Easter, birthdays, a good report card… I remember running up to their display case and smearing my nose on the cold glass to take a better glimpse of their banana cream pie. It was glorious, it was perfect every time and I never got tired of eating it. It is still my favorite pie of all time.

When I sat down with Tim to talk about the dessert menu before we opened, I knew I wanted to put a macaron on and as soon as I said “What about a banana cream pie macaron?”, his eyes lit up. He followed by “My mom’s banana bread is the best banana bread you can ever have!” So naturally, I included that into the dessert and it worked out perfectly.

Somehow this Banana Cream Macaron became more than just a dessert, but a representation of both of our mothers and childhood memories.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Otium!

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